3d animation robots characters created using 3d software

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What is 3d Animation

3d animation is the process of creating 3-dimensional moving images digitally. 3d models or objects carried forward within 3d software carefully for exporting pictures, so this technique is dependent on manipulating the objects.

Animation artists create illustrations, animated cartoons, and special effects on 3d images. Animation is all about creating drawings. The 3d animation dimensions are divided into three phrases, they are modeling, layout and animation, and rendering

How to become a better animator?

3d animation model holding book in hand

Making a habit of live studying performances in the film, you can learn so much by watching and drawing actors who perform. 

Through live-action performance you can come to know lots of things about the film, you can learn so many things by watching the actors in the film. this is a great idea to built a strong knowledge of animation. This can be store on your computer as inspiration, when you need a boost you can turn to it.

Working daily is essential, but aim for the volume of knowledge that you gain, not a perfection, Getting caught-up in perfection will lead the work slower, the most important thing is to take a break, come back in a few days to gain a fresh knowledge, as it is always you can learn new things that you missed earlier this leads your work to next level from average.

Reasons to choose Animation

  • You can learn new skills

  • Develop your business

  • Set up a strong online presence

  • Get sales done through professional marketing.

Software used in 3d animation

  • Maya

  • 3ds max

  • blender

  • cinema 4d 

Animation techniques

  • Traditional/classical 2d animation

  • Digital 2d animation

  • Digital 3d animation

  • Stop-motion animation

  • Cut-out animation

  • Sand animation


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