A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Business Manager

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The Facebook Business Manager is a one-stop tool that enables to manage multiple Facebook Pages, Instagram pages, ad accounts, and business assets as well as the employee’s access to these assets. In simple words, a Facebook business manager is a place where you can manage all the activities of Facebook marketing and advertising. Any Small to Large business can use Facebook Business Manager to organize and control their business assets and information accordingly. Multiple users or employees can have access to these tools with special logins and permissions. It is a must to have a personal Facebook account to create and use business manager accounts.

Benefits of Facebook Business Manager

1: Separates personal profile from the business profile

This means that it keeps the personal profile as well as the business page secure. As the user interface of a personal Facebook account is different from that of the Facebook business page interface, it avoids the risk of accidentally posting content that’s meant for the Facebook Personal Profile to the Facebook Business Page or vice versa.

2: Manage multiple ads accounts and pages

Business manager enables to monitor and record the performance of each Facebook page, Instagram page, and ad accounts on just one central dashboard. With just one login one can have access to multiple business pages to keep everything organized and secure.

3: Allows to share access with multiple people securely

This is another important use of Facebook Business Manager as it allows to grant access to multiple employees, clients, or users with special permissions. This means that the access is enabled without giving the business asset ownership and also without revealing the login information.

4: Control the employees access based on their role

Business managers can control and monitor the access of the employees to just limited parts of the tool. It also easily allows to assign tasks and track employee’s performance. By just going to people’s access in business manager, the employees or team members access can be cancelled after the completion of the project.

5: Create and Track the ads

Facebook Business Manager is a central platform for creating the ads as well as track the detailed reports of your Facebook ads. This helps to look at the performance of the ads and accordingly create further plans. This is one of the most important benefits of a Facebook business manager.

Facts to know before Creating a Business Manager

  • It is a must to have a personal Facebook profile to create a Business Manager account. 
  • You can sign in to the business manager using your Facebook username and password. This can be more secure than just an email address and a password.
  • One important thing to note is that if you want to create more than two business manager accounts, it’s necessary to work with someone in your organization.
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