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What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups are spaces in Facebook for people to share and discuss a particular topic or product of interest. It is mainly created for a business or organization for engaging with the audience for promotional purposes. Facebook groups can be created and connected to the pages to build a community with your customers, fans, or supporters. One can create a Facebook group and also join an existing group. Facebook groups allow restricting the members who can join and who cannot join.

Benefits of Facebook Groups for business

1: Increase Organic Reach

The Facebook group acts as an important marketing tool to increase organic reach. Organic reach means attracting a large audience without any paid campaigns. It is difficult to achieve organic reach with just a Facebook page, especially for a small business unless the business page is popular, runs ad campaigns. In such a case Facebook groups are beneficial. When content is posted in groups, each member in the group will receive notification and this increases the chance of being seen. These contents can also be shared by the group members to their friends and followers.

2: Build trust with the audience

Unlike Facebook page, Facebook groups are much more casual, wherein people can share their concerns and interests. For this to happen building trust is very much essential. To build trust with the audience it’s important to provide valued content which can be beneficial to them. When you share your experience, product /service descriptions, and its uses in the Facebook groups audience credibility towards your business will increase. One more important thing that can be done in the Facebook group is conducting question and answer sessions which also leads to build trust within the audience.

3: Receive honest feedback

The casual atmosphere in Facebook groups is a great place for the customers or the audience in the group to give honest feedback about the business products and services. A poll can be created and questions can be asked to the audience in the group about your business products and services. This kind of strategy helps to have insight into the performance of your products and services. It’ll also give you a clear idea of whether the products and services are beneficial to your audience. The casual conversions on Facebook give raw data from your audience. The raw data or feedback from the audience will help to create more personalized solutions apt to the audience’s needs. 

4: Increase website traffic

Facebook groups can be one of the best means to drive traffic to your website. The interactive discussions and sharing of the valuable content in the Facebook groups can build trust which could make people click the links and navigate through your website. The engaging content posted in the Facebook groups makes the audience more comfortable to visit your website. As the Facebook group consists of people who share common interests, the website link of audience interest can be shared. This will increase the chances of the audience to make a purchase, sign up for the newsletter, or might make any other conversion actions after visiting your website. 

Features in Facebook Groups

1: Link Facebook Group with your Business page

If you have a Facebook group for business or promotional purposes, then this feature can be extremely useful. This is because when you link your Facebook group with your business page, the audience will see that the group is associated with the brand and this can, in turn, build awareness by helping them to reach the right place.

2: Create rules for your Facebook Group

This is a very important feature in the Facebook group that allows setting up to 10 rules for the about area of the group. Rules can be created on your own or the example rules can be edited. Creating rules for your Facebook group tells people their limits and not to violet them. This helps to maintain the group’s smooth functioning.

3: Pre-Approval of posts Publications

The Facebook group comes with this feature which lets the admins or moderators of the group approve the group posts before publishing. Some posts need to be pre-approved before posting to avoid any controversy within the group. Pre-approval of the posts to be published in the group can also help to keep up with community standards thereby preventing any kind of violation.

4: Schedule Contents to be posted

Posting the content regularly in your Facebook group is important to keep the community engagement. To maintain consistency in posting the contents in the group, it comes with the feature which lets to schedule the contents to be posted in advance. This will avoid you from forgetting to post the content at the required time.

5: Find Group Insights

Facebook group has the feature which gives valuable insights or analytics on the membership, growth, and engagement. This gives required data like growth in membership and membership requests, the best time to post the contents, and also look at your top contributors.

Dimension's of Facebook Group Cover Image

Facebook Group Cover Image Dimensions 2021

The dimensions of cover photo is 1640 x 856 pixels or 10.9 x 5.7 inches. The diagram above illustrates the dimensions of the cover photo. We recommend not placing important information in the grey areas i.e 96px top and bottom, as group visitors may not see the entire image on a mobile device.

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