Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies are the small text files placed on a user’s computer, mobile, or any other device by our website to get the browsing history of the user. Note that Cookies will not have access to the user’s device.

Why does A and M Education use cookies?

We use cookies for various purposes like to track the actions/interactions of the users with our website, to know users’ preferences and choice of topics. We use cookies for remarketing or advertising purposes. Cookies allow the users to have a personalized experience while navigating through the website.

What type of Cookies are used by A and M Education?

Types of cookies used by A and M Education and their uses are described as follows:

a) Session/Functionality Cookies: When these cookies are placed, we get information set by the users like their name, region, and choice of language. These cookies are needed to identify the users, their preferences, choices, and interests. So that we can provide you with an enhanced experience with our website. Once the user leaves our website these session cookies will get deleted and will not be able to track the user’s browsing information. 

b) Technical Cookies: These cookies will allow the users to have access to the enhanced features on our website. These are essential to provide services requested by the user. When these cookies are placed it allows our website to remember you and your previous browsing sessions. 

c) Analytics: This is also called analytics or performance cookies. These cookies are placed by our website and third-party service providers to track your actions, interactions within the web page including which web page are visited most or time spent on each website. The third-party service providers include google analytics, Facebook pixel who track and provide web analytics data about our site. This helps us in improving our website functions and services. However, these cookies do not collect any personal information about the user.

d) Advertising or Remarketing Cookies: These cookies are placed by our website and our advertising partners (ex: social media platforms) to track your online activities. This is done to know the user’s preferences and showcase the relevant advertisements on other websites or platforms. The main purpose of placing these cookies is for remarketing or retargeting purposes. 

How can the user block or refuse the Cookies?

When the user visits the A and M Education Website a cookie policy will appear at the bottom of the page. Users can always go through our cookie policy and set the cookie preferences to refuse or to accept the cookies. However, the users can anytime set the cookie preference and can also take back the cookies consent previously made. Always note that, if you refuse to accept the cookies, you will not be displayed some of the features on our website.