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About Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Digital Marketing is a New-Age form of marketing. To put it simple, Digital Marketing is internet marketing, from which we can market our products or services to any part of the country with the help of online platform such as Google, Bing, Websites, Social Media, Email and Mobile Applications.

Digital Marketing Course Fees

We being a vision based Institution will always work towards building student’s career. We also see that we charge less fees without compromising on quality of Education. We have the fees structure for different categories of candidates, such as students (pursuing / non-working) & Working Professionals.

Student Pursuing

Degree / Post Graduation

Non-Working Student

Age 20-25

Working Professionals

Age 26-30

What you will learn in Digital Marketing Course?

You are going to learn A-Z topics in Digital Marketing Course. We have designed this program for 2 categories of candidates (i.e) Students and Working Professionals. Once you successfully complete Digital Marketing course you will be having complete confidence to achieve your goals.

Module 1 - Facebook Marketing

facebook marketing course

Facebook have minimum 2 Billion users worldwide and an average of 1.56 Billion daily active users. Overall an average user spends almost an hour per day in Facebook. As per this data we can assume, how effectively we can work on Facebook Marketing to grow the business. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Creating Facebook Business Page
  • Learning Free Online Applications to Create Designs
  • Optimizing Page
  • Understanding Facebook Analytics
  • How to increase Facebook Page Likes
  • Creating & Optimizing Advertising Account
  • Creating Lead Generation Ad
  • Understanding Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience
  • Creating Event Ad
  • Creating Dynamic Ads for E-commerce
  • Setting up Facebook Pixel
  • Working with Power Editor
  • Facebook Apps

Module 2 - Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing course

Instagram is one of the most useful social platforms for Business. It has 400 million users, and over 80 million posts per day will be posted on Instagram. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Instagram Business Account Setup
  • Rules for Instagram Post
  • Advanced Instagram Hashtags
  • Instagram Followers Hack
  • Instagram Reposting
  • Advanced Instagram marketing strategies
  • Instagram Analytics
  • Instagram Ads & Campaign

Module 3 - YouTube Marketing

youtube marketing course

YouTube is a world’s second largest search engine after Google. Nearly one third of the internet users are using YouTube for learning, discovering & share video content. YouTube can be one of the effective social platforms for the Business growth. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • YouTube Account Setup
  • YouTube Marketing Fundamentals
  • How to Increase Subscribers
  • YouTube Monetization
  • YouTube SEO
  • YouTube Advanced Ads
  • YouTube Analytics

Module 4 - Word Press & Web Hosting

wordpress website course

Website plays a very import role in Digital Marketing. Around 4.54 billion people use the internet every day. That gives you a chance to offer your product to more than half of the world’s total population. And 85% of people trust a Business with a Website.

Word Press is a content management system (CMS) which is used to build a website without having programing knowledge. Having knowledge about website, and that too with SEO standards will contribute drastic growth in Business. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Preparing Hosting Server and Install Word Press
  • Activating Theme to Start a Website
  • How to Add Pages, Posts, Menus & Widgets
  • Installing Essential Plugins
  • Word Press Forms
  • SSL Certificate
  • Working to Achieve 100% Score on Page Speed Insights
  • Tips to Write Blogs
  • Configure Google Analytics
  • Hosting Website

Module 5 - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optmisation (SEO) training

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Advantage of learning SEO, is to bring your website to top in search engine results pages (SERPs) in Google.

Being on top of the search result, benefits Businesses to drive more visitors to the website. And in turn, chances of more conversions and Profits to the Business. In this chapter you will be trained from basic level SEO to advanced level SEO. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Overview of SEO
  • Google My Business – Optimization
  • keyword Research
  • On Page Optimization
  • Google search Console (Sitemap, Indexing)
  • Improving Website Performance Speed 
  • Working on Google Mobile Friendly Test
  • Working on Yoast – SEO
  • Building SEO Web Pages with SEO Instructions
  • Working on Backlinks
  • Drive Traffic Through Different Channels
  • Ranking Local SEO in Google
  • Working Against Negative SEO

Module 6 - Email Marketing

email marketing process and analytics

Email marketing is one of the best channel for business, and one of the primary drivers of traffic to website and the main way we communicate with our customers. Below are the few highlights of course Outline.

  • Advantages of Email Marketing
  • Creating Mailchimp Account
  • Understanding Interface of Mailchimp
  • Creating Audience
  • Creating Contact Forms
  • Adding Opt-Ins & Pop Ups for Website
  • Email Layout Design
  • Email Writing Skills
  • Email Campaign
  • Understanding Analytics

Module 7 - Google Analytics

google analytics course

Google Analytics can be called as brain of website. It integrates with all of Google’s marketing products (including Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio).

Google analytics is used to track website activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. of people who are using the website, along with additional information from which source the traffic has come. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Creating Property
  • How to Install the Tracking Code on the Website
  • Adding Backup Views
  • How to Set Up Goals
  • How to Analyse Reports
  • How to Link Google Adwords to Google
  • Manage Multiple Google Analytics Accounts
  • Remove Spam Traffic from Google Analytics
  • Set Up Event Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Set Up Custom Dashboards for In-Depth Analysis

Module 8 - Google ADS

google ads (PPC) course

Google Ads is a paid advertising marketing channel knows as pay-per-click (PPC).  Google ads appear above organic search results under advertisement section in Google search.

Google Ads has become increasingly popular among businesses across all industries. Below are the few highlights of module outline.

  • Introduction to Google Ads
  • How Google Ads Works
  • Google Ads Account Setup
  • Understanding Different Features of Ads Campaign
  • Understanding Bids & Budgets
  • Choosing Profitable Keywords
  • Structuring Ads Groups
  • Setting up AdWords Billing
  • Profitable Bidding Strategies
  • Advanced Campaign Settings

Free Interview Preparation Training

“Interview preparation training is also called as Soft Skills training.”

Soft skills are the major differentiator for employability and success in life. Programs that enchase soft skills have an important place for successful future.

Soft skills training help the people to behave positively, so that they can deal effectively with the challenges of their professional and everyday life.

Soft skills are the group of abilities that can be used in every aspect of people’s lives. The importance of soft skills lies in the fact that, they are not restricted to specific field.

According to study conducted by Mc. Donald in UK predicted that, overall half million people will be held back from job sector by 2020 due to lack of soft skills. 

softskills training
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management & Behavioral Skills
  • Interview Preparation Skills
  • How to Study Target Company
  • Resume Writing
  • Portfolio Preparation

Note : Interview preparation training is only for job seekers.

100% Placement Support

We have successfully placed 700+ candidates. Our vision is to place 5000 candidates by 2023. To achieve this we follow unique training methodology, so that every student who educates with us will be able to start their career in Digital Marketing. Below are few student’s testimonials who has completed their training successfully. Today they have started their career in one of the fastest growing sector.

Career and Job opportunities - Digital Marketing

Candidates those who have completed Digital Marketing course, are in great demand. According to the Marketing hiring trends report, 70% of organizations are planning to hire more digital marketers in 2020.

  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Executive
  • Social Media Marketing (SEM) Executive
  • Digital Marketing Copywriter
  • Conversion Rate Optimizer
  • Search Engine Marketer
  • Content Marketing
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Analyst

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