Why Facebook Page is Important for Business?

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Why Facebook page is important for business?

Creating a Facebook Page allows more than 2 billion people on Facebook to discover your business. As pages are public. Google may index your Page, making it easier for people to find you.

Pages are a free product to build and grow your social media presence. Use Pages to reach new audiences and communicate with fans or customers who care about your products, services or community. With Pages, you can also advertise and achieve business goals.

Benefits of Facebook Pages

1 : Free and simple Pages are free. It takes only minutes to create a Page, and offer several features to manage it

2 : Versatile Your Page comes with many free tools that help you achieve specific goals based on your business model

3 : Connect with customers Billions of people use Facebook to communicate with businesses. Use your Page to build loyalty with existing and new customers

4 : Advertise with your Page Ads can help you grow your brand and audience. If you want to advertise on Facebook, you need a Page. You can use Facebook’s advertising tools to create ads, set your budget and plan your strategy

Top features of Facebook Pages

1 : Business information – Pages show information about your business, such as your address, phone number, hours, categories, unique username and more

2 : Posting – The fastest way to share information on your Page is to post. You can add a call-to-action (CTA) button to encourage people to take specific actions. Use our publishing tools to manage your posting schedule

3 : Messaging – Page comes with Inbox, which lets you communicate with people on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. You can also use tools to organize your messages and automate responses

4 : Tools – You can use free Page tools to connect with customers and expand business. Tools such as Events and Appointments can help you grow your customer base, while Jobs can help you find qualified candidates

5 : Insights – Insights can help you find customers who care about what you offer. You can understand actions that people take on your Page, such as how often they like, comment on or share posts. You can also see insights about your competitors’ Pages to learn about your industry and audience

Difference between Pages & Profile & Groups?

Difference between Pages & Profile & Groups

Why Facebook Profiles?

Facebook profiles are intended for personal use and to help you connect with friends, family and your community. Your profile can include photos, stories, posts and more that tell your story. With a profile, you can:

1 : Create, like and follow Pages and groups with your personal profile. 

2 : Communicate privately with friends and family through posts, photos, videos, stories and Messenger.

Profiles are best for personal use, not for businesses or organisations.

Why Facebook Groups?

Groups provide a space to communicate about shared interests with approved members. You can create a group for fans of your business or local enthusiasts with similar interests. With a group, you can:

1 : Connect and share information in discussion forums with small, select groups of people.

2 : Add events and set up a calendar for members to stay organised.

3 : Manage and control member access to keep your group as private as you like.

4 : Join or create a group as a Page member to increase awareness of your brand and build community.

Importance of Facebook Profile & Cover picture

Applications to create Profile & Cover picture

Importance of profile picture

1 : It represents our business

2 : Appears in news feed of our followers

3 : Appears in Post’s on page’s timeline

4 : Appears while we replies on comments

5 : Appears on comments & posts we make on other pages while using our page

Dimensions's of profile picture

1 : It displays at 170 X 170 pixels on computer & 128 X 128 pixels on smartphones

2 : Profile picture can give better results by using PNG (portable network graphics) format

3 : We need to keep in mind that profile picture will be cropped to a circular shape in ads and posts, but will remain the same square shape when we click on image. We can see an example from below image

Facebook profile size example - A and M Education

Importance of Cover picture

1 : Great way to icrease the brand awareness

2 : We can publish different designs like : Photos, Videos & Slideshow

Dimensions's of Cover picture

The dimensions of cover photo is 820 x 312 pixels or 11.4 x 4.3 inches.

Facebook Marketing

What is Call To Action

When people enter the page, call-to-action button encourages people to take an action that is important to your Business.

Types of call-to-action

1 : Book – Call to Action

People can schedule appointments or make reservations through this action.

Call to action: Book Now

2 : Contact – Call to Action

People can contact on Facebook Messenger or through another form of contact, such as email or phone.

Call to action: Call Now, Contact Us, Send Email, Send Message or Sign Up

3 : Download – Call to Action

People can download the app or play the game.

Call to action: Play Game or Use App

4 : Learn – Call to Action

People can watch an informational video or read more about business on the website.

Call to action: Learn More or Watch Video

Aspect Ratios

Aspect Ratios for different placements & formats

1 : Feed placements –  square 1:1 for images and vertical 4:5 for videos

2 : Stories placements –  full-screen vertical 9:16 to capture the whole screen

3 : Video carousel format – square 1:1 and consistent ratios for all videos in a carousel

4 : In-stream video – full-screen horizontal 16:9 to fit the videos the ads are in

5 : Audience Network placements – full-screen vertical 9:16, except for Audience Network in-stream videos for which full-screen horizontal 16:9

Facebook Events

Facebook events is a feature than can help to spread the word on upcoming events or occasions, since they are able to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time. Events can be created by anyone, and can be open to anyone or private. The creator can invite his friends, members of a group, or fans of a page.

Different types of Events

1 : Competition

2 : Concert

3 : Conference

4 : Festival

5 : Seminars / Workshop

Dimensions's of Facebook Event

The dimensions of Event is 1200 x 628 Pixels.

Different B\W Facebook Like and Follow


Like a Page (Becoming a fan)

When people like the page on Facebook, they automatically follow your page as well, this means that your page will be listed in their ‘liked’ directory and your post will be seen in their feed.

Follow a Page (Becoming a follower)

Facebook users also have the option to follow a page without clicking the like button. This category of followers will still see your posts in their news feed, but they won’t be considered a like on your page. This option was set up for people who didn’t want to be friend of someone on Facebook but still wanted to see their posts.


Insights provide information about our Page’s performance, like demographic data about our audience and how people are responding to our posts.

We need to keep in mind that we can only access data in Page Insights for the last 2 years, and demographic data, such as age, gender and location, are available in Page Insights once there is data for 100 or more people. Pages categorized as a Community Page don’t have Insights.

We can use Insights to:

1 : Understand how people are engaging with our Page

2 : View metrics about our Page’s performance

3 : Learn which posts have the most engagement and see when our audience is on Facebook

Dimensions's of Group Cover picture

The dimensions of cover photo is 1640 x 856 pixels or 10.9 x 5.7 inches.


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Why Facebook Page is Important for Business?

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