Importance of Facebook Event marketing

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What is Facebook Event?

Facebook Event refers to the feature in Facebook that allows to organize a gathering and invite people. It is a calendar-based invitation send to the people to notify them about the upcoming gathering or occasions.  Facebook Events can be created by anyone and one who creates can invite the group members, friends, or fans of the page. It’s a great platform to share information about the events as it can reach a large audience instantly. Facebook events include information about the event, time and date of the event, and even images related to the event.

How to create Facebook Event effectively

1: Create unique event name

This is the first and the foremost thing to be included when creating Facebook events. Creating a unique name for the event makes the audience easily remember about your event and also makes them talking about your event with their friends.

2: Write description of event

The description of the events must include important details like what the event is about, hosts, guests, and much more. The description written should be very appealing and must highlight the objectives to the audience.

3: Set date and Time

The date and Time of the event are very important to set up for your audience to know about the event schedules. So that the audience can keep themselves free at that particular time and date to attend the event.

4: Put venue location

Facebook has recognized locations that can be used to put the exact location where the event takes place. This helps to notify the nearby people in the location to attend the event.

5: Add eye-catchy event image

When photos are added to the Facebook event page it holds people’s attention and compels them to know more about the event. It is very important to put an eye-catchy image of appropriate size. The image should have some typography written mainly highlighting the purpose of the event, location, and date/time.

6: Add payment/ticket details

This is important if you are conducting paid online events and this enables to collect payments easily when the guest registers to attend the event. Adding the admission fee/ticket fee is done through the event setup process. You can also see insights of the paid online events like the number of people purchased to access the event, estimated event earnings, etc.

7: Choose Privacy settings

Privacy settings include private, public, friends, group (public group and private group). Facebook events come with privacy settings that enable you to opt for whom you want the event to be visible.

How to plan Event Marketing strategy

1: Start the Event at least 2 weeks before

2: Post regularly about reward

3: Ask people to invite their friends

4: Remind people 3 day & 1 day before

Dimension's of Facebook Event Cover Image

The dimensions of event cover image is 1920 x 1005 pixels or 26.6 x 13.9 inches.

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