Interview Career Goal Questions

Interview career goal question

Career Goal Questions

Candidates often encounter questions related to their goal, objective, planning, efforts and so on concerning their career. These kinds of questions are called as career goal questions. The agenda behind these questions is to find an apt candidate for the concerned job opening with all the necessary skills and willing to seek a long-term career in the respective industry. This is because the recruiting company desires to have less attrition rate (that is, less drop outs) from the company as they have invested on recruiting and training process.

Some of the Career Goal questions

  • What are you looking for in your next position?
  • What are your future career goals and what do you plan to do to achieve them? (e.g. in the next five years)
  • How important is this job for you?
  • What is your short-term and long term goal?
  • What is your vision and how well it matches with our company vision statement?


Some Important points that you need to remember while answering these kind of questions:

  • Keep your goals and vision realistic. That is, any dream or ambition without proper planning or concrete work towards it can never be accomplished in the real world.

For example: To dream to be the CEO of any company without even having the necessary qualification and relevant idea as to what it takes to be a CEO.

  • Be and sound ambitious and not over ambitious.
  • Be positive, humble and most importantly genuine while answering about your passion, your planning and also about your goal.
  • Relate your goals and vision with the company’s goal or vision that you have appeared for an interview.


Tip: Always remember not to present your goal and ambition as your desire for  name, power or fortune instead talk of the knowledge, perfection, work and success (not individual alone but also the company or the organisation) as your objective.


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