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About Interview Preparation Course

Job Interview is the first interaction that occurs between a job aspirant and a prospective employer. It is very important for a candidate to make the best use of the opportunity by demonstrating his skills and passion and amalgamate that with the company requirement and stand ahead in the race to win his dream job. This can never be a cake walk without ample preparation and proper guidance. In this direction we shall lend a helping hand to cross this challenging phase of your professional life with our “Interview Preparation Course”.

Today, in this competitive era mere academic excellence cannot take you a long way to reach out to your ambition. So it is very essential for one to widen the horizons of his expertise in social behaviour and certain interview etiquettes. So an individual with adequate professional knowledge coupled with the lessons absorbed from this training can come out as a most deserving candidate among the rest.

What you will learn in Interview Preparation Course?

This course offers an extensive training to enable an individual to showcase his academic and professional knowledge by sharpening his/her communication and self-advertising ability, helping to build an impressive resume, to understand the target company, job description, to asses various job portals and such others.

Thus with the completion of this course one can see a transformed individual with an extra dose of confidence and job-ready.

Module 1 - Speaking Skills

Communication is the key to success in every industry today. The ability to effectively put forth your ideas before the clients, colleagues or superiors can bring you laurels. However, to master this art is not easy. The first module in this course aims at providing inputs on basic speaking skills that one should develop before attending an interview. Below are the highlights of the module outline.

candidate learning speaking skills required for interview
  • Introduction and Small Talk
  • Tell me About Yourself
  • What do you know about the Company
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Behavioral Questions
  • Career Goals

Module 2 – Resume Writing Skills

Resume contributes immensely in a job interview. A powerful resume can persuade the interviewer to hire a candidate. There are wide varieties of resume templates and a resume has also various components in it. This module discusses in detail about resume writing. Below are the highlights of the module outline.

candidate practicing resume writing skills
  • Resumes Overview
  • ATS Screening
  • Key Word Stuffing
  • Resume Format
  • Contact Information
  • Summary Section
  • Relevant Skills
  • Experience Section
  • Bullet Points
  • Education Section
  • Additional Information
  • Proofreading
  • Customizing Resumes
  • Resumes Dos & Don’ts
  • Cover Letters

Module 3 – Interview Preparation

A lot of research and practice goes behind if one has to successfully deliver answers to all the questions that he encounter in an interview. This module guides us in this direction. Below are the highlights of the module outline.

candidate first impression on interview day
  • Understanding Interview Process
  • Study the Industry
  • Study the Target Company
  • Understanding Job Description
  • Study the Main Question
  • Practice Questions and Answers

Module 4 – Interview Day Preparation

Interview day can bring with it a lot of anxiety. To de-stress yourself and focus on the nuances of the interview day, starting from the dressing style to the appropriate behaviour or the mannerism is crucial to save your day. This module elaborates on some of these aspects. Below are the highlights of the module outline.

candidate attending interview after his interview preparation course
  • Time Management
  • Dressing Skills
  • Behavior Skills
  • Documents Handling
  • Practice
  • Questions to Ask the Company
  • Thanking and Asking about Next Steps

Module 5 – Applying for Jobs

Once an individual is job-ready with an excellent professional knowledge and presentation skills, what’s next?! What should be the future course of action? … Yes, indeed it is to find a suitable job to match one’s profile. This module walks us through this process from helping us understand various job portals to creating an account. So below are the highlights of the module outline.

How to apply for job
  • Apply for Jobs Overview
  • Understanding Various Job Portals
  • Creating Accounts
  • Building Profile
  • Job Posting
  • Newspaper Jobs Overview

100% Placement Support

We have successfully placed 700+ candidates. Our vision is to place 5000 candidates by 2023. To achieve this, we follow unique training methodology, and moreover we train our students on industry standards, so that every student who educates with us will be able to start earning.

Placement Options

  • Accounting Personnel
  • Business analysts
  • Business Lounge Managers
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Content Writers/ Content Editors
  • Counsellors
  • Data Entry/ Back Office
  • Event / Talent Managers
  • Front Office
  • Hospitality Managers
  • HR Executives
  • Insurance Advisors
  • Media Consultants
  • Media Coordinators
  • Personal Secretary
  • Public Relations Officer/ Relationship Manager

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