Interview Self Introduction

Candidate giving self introduction in interview panel

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Tell me about yourself

Tell me about yourself is likely to be the foremost question that an interviewer directs at the person sitting opposite to him with a slight nervousness and anxious about the whole interview process. After some small talk this willingness of the interviewer to know more about the candidate arises not only because of curiosity to know the candidate’s biography but also to have a quick understanding on his confidence level, effective communication, presentation and self-promotion skills and very importantly self-understanding of a candidate as to his what qualities can contribute to the company.

Yes, although “tell me about yourself”, sounds like a simple question, it holds a long list of agenda behind it. The question may be asked as simple as “tell me about yourself”, or in recent times, it has found its various versions with different hiring managers like “walk me through your resume”, “give a quick insight into your life, academics and career”, “Tell me something else about you that is not mentioned in your resume” and so on.

A detailed description as to how to answer this question has been delivered in the course video. Now kindly follow the path and be prepared for an effective advertisement of you in the professional world.

But remember

  • Prepare in advance with a neatly composed answer as this is the most common and obvious question in an interview.
  • Keep you bio brief and crisp.
  • Customize it as per the organisation/job role needs like talk about the relevant qualification and experience.
  • Avoid unnecessary details on family and personal details which make it clumsy, unorganized and irrelevant and thereby it can ruin your first impression before your prospective employer.
  • Keep it real and in simple language.
  • Most importantly, maintain a clear and decent rate of speech (do not rush through). If, otherwise your well prepared and qualified bio can go unheard by the interviewer.