Interview Strengths and Weaknesses

Person showing his Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths and Weaknesses

Self-assessment is the key to success. A man who is able to identify his strengths and weaknesses can help himself and also others to further strengthen their strengths and overcome the weaknesses. So, in order to find this ability of the candidate, the interviewer although it sounds cliché often makes use of this technique.


A list of strengths is given below. However, you should match these strengths with the respective job role that you are appearing for.

Adaptable, Ambitious, Communicative, Calm, Confident, Creative, Courageous, Dedicated, Determined, Energetic, Enthusiastic, Flexible, Good leadership skill, Honest, Inquisitive, Industrious, Inspiring , Perfection-oriented, Performance-Oriented, Positive, Pro-active, Responsible, Self-motivated, Service-oriented, technical sound, Versatile etc.

Tip: Choose your strength wisely and honestly. Be prepared for any question on your chosen strength.


All human beings are bound to have weakness/es in them. But how smartly you handle and work on to overcome it really matters. But during an interview it is a wise step to not much highlight on your weakness or speak about your weakness as you have readily one available. Instead choose a wise route of talking about an insignificant weakness that doesn’t affect your current job prospect and also present it in a way that you have also taken enough steps to overcome it and also have been successful in this to certain extent.


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