What are the 3 stages in Buyer’s Journey?

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Buyer’s Journey is referred to as the process a buyer or a customer goes through while making a purchase or buying new products/services. Every marketer needs to understand the stages of the buyer’s journey to learn about the customer’s problems and requirements in every stage, and accordingly plan out the strategies to help them. There are 3 stages in the Buyer’s Journey:

1. Awareness Stage

This is the first stage where the buyer is being aware of the problem or pain and realizing the requirements for a product/service. In this stage, the buyer is searching in various platforms to learn more about the problems and pain points. 


  • Why is my laptop not charging?
  • Why do my teeth hurt all the time?

2. Consideration Stage

This is the second stage in the buyer’s journey where the buyer is having a clear understanding of the problem. In the consideration stage, the buyer continues searching for various methods of solving the problem and evaluates each method to reach the solution. This stage is very crucial as it leads them to the decision-making process.


  • How to fix the laptop’s battery problem?
  • How to treat my tooth cavity?

3. Decision Stage

This is the final stage in the buyer’s journey of making a purchase. In the decision, stage buyer has finally decided on the type of approach or on a solution of fixing the problem or requirement. This is the stage where the buyer is gathering and shortlisting the vendor’s list or a suitable product to purchase.


  • Where to get the custom battery for my laptop?
  • Where can find the best dentist?
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